Our Services

Ultralight Pilot Training

Learn to fly for as low as $3000 in Kamloops. Being an Ultralight Pilot, you can rent our airplane and fulfill your dream of flying!

Fixed Wing Training

Ever thought of becoming an airline career pilot or just fly for fun? At Vayu, we can train you to achieve your pilot license in fixed wing aeroplanes!

Aircraft Rentals

After you finish your training, as a holder of an Ultralight permit or Recreational Permit (or higher), you can rent one of our airplanes and fly from Kamloops.

Discovery Flights

Want to learn to fly but unsure of how to get started? You can take a discovery flight where you will go up in the air with an instructor for 30 minutes and get to fly the aircraft.

Aerial Tours

Want to do something cool over the weekend with your friends or loved ones? We can take you up on an aerial tour around the Kamloops area and show you the beauty of Kamloops from a bird's eye view.

Pilot Supplies

Whether you need aviation related books, maps, flight bags, headsets or aviation calculators, we've got you covered.