Ultralight Pilot Package Details

Pay as you Go

Pay after flight
  • Dual Training in Zenair 601 - $250 per hour
  • Solo Training in Zenair 601 - $175 per hour
  • Ground Briefing with Instructor - $75 per hour
  • Ultralight Pilot Book Kit - $250
  • Ultralight Groundschool - $250
  • Ultralight PSTAR - $60
  • ROC-A Examination - $60

Basic Package

$3345 $3000 + Taxes
  • Valid for 1 year from purchase
  • 10 hours of flying time guaranteed
  • 10 hours of Headset Rentals
  • 5 hours of Ground Briefings
  • Ultralight Pilot Groundschool
  • Ultralight Pilot Book Kit
  • PSTAR & ROC-A Examination
Basic and Premium Packages includes all the items listed and payment is due upfront before the start of their training due to the discount offered. We suggest doing a discovery flight and get to know us before you put down any funds with us.
All Students have the option of paying after each flight and will be charged as described in the the pay as you go option above.

Other Licenses and Ratings Costs

All costs are based on Transport Canada minimums and may vary based on individual student’s progress.
Above prices do not include taxes. Pricing may change any time without notice.

We don’t require any payments upfront for the training towards permit, license or ratings above. Customers have the option to pay after every flight.