Discovery Flight

Haven’t decided if flying for you yet? Try our discovery flight!

The discovery flight is your first flight lesson where you meet with a flight instructor for a 30-minute ground briefing including aircraft safety checks followed by a 30-minute flight. During this flight, you will be able to take controls and get a feel for flying. After the flight, you will have time to ask your questions regarding the flight and upcoming flight training with your instructor. The cost of discovery flight is $175+taxes.

Want to experience this along with your family, friends or loved ones? You can have upto 2* passengers join you in the back of our Cessna 172 for an additional fee of $50 per passenger!

*Our Discovery flights are conducted in our Cessna 172. The combined limit for 3 passengers is 600 lbs.

Matt flying discovery flight

Book discovery flight below in our Cessna 172. Up to 2 additional passengers can be added to this flight. Schedule your flight online by clicking the button below.